img_1891.jpgHi, I’m Michelle Sands. I come into this blog reluctantly, as I don’t see myself a “hi-tech” person. However, a quick overview of my average 20-something life says I’m pretty plugged in.

Although I would rather spend a Friday night playing board games with the girls, I primarily communicate to my friends via Facebook and text messaging. I surf and for job postings. In my free time I’m planning my wedding, finding nearly everything from my flowers to my future husband online (thanks to e-harmony for the latter).

On my first day at Kent State University, a junior PR student gave me what I believe she saw to be a warning, “PR isn’t party planning 101.” She went on to describe that public relations was a lot of research and writing, to which I smiled and knew I had found a home.

It’s hard to believe that was almost seven years ago. I have since returned to Kent State as a graduate student, again studying PR. Public relations has become a passion, particularly non-profit PR.

Working for a non-profit for almost four years, I experienced the trenches of non-profit PR. I learned that small staffs and smaller budgets mean getting your hands in on everything from writing letters for the CEO to folding hundreds of newsletters.

Unfortunately, after years of great learning experiences, I had one more harsh lesson to learn–downsizing. So, today, I am a young professional with a profession but no job. Thankfully, I only view this as a positive push in the right direction to find my next great experience.


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